Boise Naval Base is a Northwestern art collective. We are interested in exploring the juxtaposition of the absurd and the logical. Our aim is to create thought provoking and entertaining work. It is our hope to establish a dialogue with the community about contemporary issues through performance, more traditional exhibitions and hybridizations of both.
Boise Naval Base is headquartered at Visual Arts Collective (3638 Osage St.) a gallery in the new art district of Garden City.
Boise Naval Base is . . .

Angela Katona-Batchelor

Kate Bowen

Isaac Grambo

Marlow Hoffman

Brandon Long

Samuel F. Stimpert

Flint Weisser

Russuel Wood

Boise Naval Base was formed on April Fools Day, 2004 after an experimental performance (FOOD/ART) involving the majority of its founders. The founding members of Boise Naval Base are Erin Cunningham, Isaac Grambo, Bill Hofstra, Tiffany Rooprai, Flint Weisser, and Russuel Wood. Since that time, the group has grown to include several full-time members, who have put on six performances including one short film. Boise Naval Base members write, perform, and design all aspects of each show.